The United States is both a nation of immigrants and a nation of laws.   We can not forget the role immigrants have provided in the development of our nation, but we can not endorse lawless immigration. 

    • Border Security:   You cannot discuss immigration without first discussing border security.   Funds should be allocated to creating a border wall, or such other impediment capable of stemming the tide of human trafficking across our borders.   
    • Earned Citizenship:    Immigrants who are willing and are eligible to engage in public service should be given preference for US Citizenship. 
    • Merit Based Immigration:   Applications for US citizenship should be weighed on a merit based system.  Individuals who demonstrate an immediate positive contribution to the US economy without creating a burden on the Welfare System should be given priority in the award of citizenship.
    • Political Asylum Claims:   We should seek to provide asylum to those are truly politically oppressed, but asylum should not be used by individuals merely seeking an improvement in economic circumstances. 
    • Undocumented Citizens:   While we do not wish to reward lawless immigration, as a practical matter, it would be nearly impossible to deport the roughly 20 million undocumented aliens in the United States. If we are able to stem the current tide of illegal immigration across our borders, we should develop a streamlined plan for incorporating the undocumented workers into our economy. Law breakers should be immediately deported. 
    • Sanctuary Cities:  Cities who refuse to uphold federal law, declare themselves to be sanctuary cities, or refuse ICE detainers, shall be ineligible for federal highway funding. 

Like Ronald Regan, I advocate for a free market, limited government, low taxes and limited business regulation:    

    • Reduce Government Spending:   Our government spending is wildly out of control.   I will push to eliminate wasteful government spending, reduce overall spending, and ultimately, the passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment.   
    • Free Market:   I am a staunch supporter for the Free Market.   While I understand that current circumstances necessitate that the President temporarily use regulated market tactics to level the playing field with certain trading partners, I want to see a return to Free Market principals as quickly as possible.   
    • Reduce and Limit Business Regulation:   Regulation strangles innovation and business growth.   I will fight to eliminate unnecessary regulation on our business community, particularly our small businesses, who struggle to be compliant with regulations issued by bureaucrats who do not understand the rigors of running a business.   
    • Reduce and Eliminate Taxes:   I will fight to reduce taxes anywhere possible.   Every dollar taken by our government is one less dollar to fuel our economy.   You spend your money more wisely than the government.

The Bill of Rights establishes rights which are inviolate; this includes the right of the populace to arm themselves.   While the right to bear arms facilitates self-defense, its primary intent is to deter foreign aggression and to act as a check against an overbearing government.  There is no constitutional restriction on assault weapons.

    • Background Checks:   Sensible background checks against the NCIS national data base are prudent and should be continued.
    • Red Flag Laws:    These are a bad practice because it is nearly impossible to establish a uniform standard for determining when action should be taken to remove a weapon from a citizen.   That being said, the intent of Red Flag laws is to codify a common sense approach to insuring weapons do not end up in the hands of dangerous individuals who represent an immediate clear and present danger to themselves or others.  If parents, family members, educators or health care professionals notice an individual who exhibits personality traits associated with senseless violent behavior, they should report such concerns to local law enforcement.    
    • School Shooting Protections:   We protect our banks with armed guards.  We protect shopping malls and grocery stores with armed guards.  Why wouldn’t we protect our children with armed guards?    School shootings is a relatively recent phenomena.  We should study what societal factors have changed over the past 50 years which have led to the increase in this type of violence.   The Department of Education should also be tasked with developing certain minimum safety standards for all public school buildings.      
    • Assault Weapons:   There is no hard and fast definition of what constitutes an “assault rifle”.   Any rifle, regardless of its shape, size and caliber operates basically the same.   If you can’t qualify what constitutes an “assault weapon”, you aren’t able to ban it.  According to FBI crime statistics, more people are killed by knives, hammers, hands and feet, than “assault” rifles.   If we are going to ban assault rifles, we should also ban knives and hammers.    
    • Enhanced Weapons Penalties:    We should continue the practice of sentencing assailants who commit violent crimes with firearms enhanced penalties.   
    • Penalties for Negligent Storage of Weapons:  It is perfectly reasonable to hold gun owners responsible for the storage and handling of their firearms.   If a gun is used in the commission of a crime, there should be a presumption of negligence for failing to properly secure such weapon.